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The Markup Fee. Why It Exists, and Why It's Worth It. 


When it comes to hiring a full-service recruitment company, many businesses are afraid of one thing: costs.

But what many businesses don’t realize is that the cost of hiring the wrong candidate and spending hours sifting through stacks of unqualified candidate resumes costs even more. Not to mention the endless cycle of hidden costs associated with turnover, onboarding, and training new employees.*

With all this movement and uncertainty, realizing maximum employee potential can take months, if not years. Without a streamlined system in place of hiring the right candidate immediately, time, money, and resources are wasted —and that means a lower top and bottom line.

At Certified, we pride ourselves on our transparency as well as our ability to find you the right employee the first time around. So, let’s dive into some objections about costs and put your mind at ease—because, in truth, finding the perfect employee will pay for itself almost instantly.

Markup fees go towards making your business better.
Let’s start by addressing a common myth: “Staffing companies markup everything. It’s a waste of money. I can do it cheaper myself.”

Wrong. In fact, as we mentioned earlier, our full-service staffing company is designed to help businesses save money.

For example, in regards to temp work, Certified takes care of several time-consuming processes including federal and state documentation requirements, satisfying all payroll tax liabilities, managing workman’s compensation and unemployment claims, issuing W2’s, and providing employee benefits, among others.

And when it comes to our direct-hire clients, many businesses are scaling rapidly and don’t have the time to look for the “perfect fit.” Instead of spending weeks searching through endless piles and files of resumes, businesses can focus on what’s most important—continuing to grow.

About 75% of candidates who apply for jobs are unqualified. ** That translates to 75% of your time wasted looking for a hire.

With a company like Certified, we’re busy finding the right candidates—all day long. We have a network in place, and know what fits when it comes to company culture and skillset requirements.

And, if your business already has a staffing team in place, we’re built to support them, matching perfect candidates with their ideal roles in a streamlined and time efficient manner so you can scale efficiently.

The result—A team of highly qualified employees working together to enhance your business.

We do things you don’t even think about.
We save time, we take the hassle out of finding the right hire, we guarantee our placements, and we stand behind our candidates. Outside of that, Certified also offers a diverse range of personally tailored staffing solutions. Because we’re a boutique agency with veteran recruiters who know all of the intricacies of the industry, we go out of our way to ensure your business grows to scale with the right employees. National corporations simply don’t have the hands-on capabilities we do to deliver efficient staffing solutions in local markets.

Plus, because we’re here 24/7 with expert service, you have a go-to staffing team that works directly with you to ensure you have minimal hiccups along the way.

The value of our time as experts is more cost effective than using generic recruiters.
Generic national staffing companies would be better characterized as “staffing coordinators” rather than “recruiters.” A staffing coordinator posts jobs and waits for the candidate pool to come to them.

That’s not what we do.

Certified is a full-service staffing and recruitment company. We seek out candidates by building relationships, actively networking, attending job fairs, and reaching out to universities and staying in touch with community colleges to grab talent before they graduate. This means we have a highly qualified talent pool at all times.

On top of this, we gauge each industry’s peak period for hiring and anticipate having a deep client pool to satisfy the need. So, say you have an insurance renewal deadline approaching and will need specialized staff to support your team. We anticipate that need and staff accordingly.

And, as a full-service staffing agency, we can add specialized candidates quickly. So if you need a tile expert with a decade of experience who’s a member of BAC, we can get an ideal fit in the shortest amount of time possible. By combining our talent relationships with our ability to recognize a business’s culture and skillset expectations, we narrow the playing field.

Plus, with our “family run” business dynamics built upon a reputation of success, you get a personalized staffing experience where the needs of your business come first—we don’t win unless you win.

Myth: Staffing companies are pure profit. Fact: Certified reinvests in quality talent.
One of the biggest myths about the staffing industry is that the difference between the pay rate and bill rate is pure profit for the staffing company. Not true. As mentioned before, there are many costs that the staffing company absorbs to relieve the client of certain expenses and liabilities associated with hiring.

For each of our placements, 80% of the entire fee goes towards the candidate’s salary, pay, insurance, workers’ compensation, and taxes. Through our transparent billing process, businesses can easily identify the quality of talent versus the fees associated with acquiring that top-tier talent.

And let’s not forget—regular turnover rates are a huge financial burden for companies. In fact, turnover can cost companies 33% of an employees annual salary.***

On top of all this, 95% of the time when we ask an employer, “When do you need this position filled,” their answer is “Yesterday.” Fortunately, Certified has already been recruiting “yesterday” and is ready to place the ideal candidate with your company today.

You shouldn’t be nervous about using a full-service staffing agency.
Most of the time, businesses are worried about the cost associated with a full-service staffing company like Certified. But behind the cost comes an immense amount of work, research, and veteran knowledge to give our clients the best possible hiring opportunity.

Aside from that, many businesses may have had a less-than-stellar experience with a previous staffing company. Our job is to assure the client that their business is in good and capable hands. That’s why we’ve been around for 60 years.

But much of our decades-long success is built upon our dedication to the industry and the businesses we serve. We visit businesses and job sites to get a feel for the environment so we can identify the perfect candidates in far less time than a national staffing company can. We also take into consideration a number of variables including commute time, parking, and personality traits, and use our selective process to make sure you receive the ideal candidate.

Not only that, but we research resumes to qualify candidates so you don’t get stuck with someone who may not be exactly what you’re looking for.**** By checking references, education, background, and doing our due diligence, we save your business literally hundreds to thousands of hours in recruitment time. In fact, a recent Investopedia study reports it takes on average 42 days to fill a new position—and that’s without training and onboarding—all for a candidate that may or may not last two weeks.

If there’s one thing Certified knows for certain, it’s that many businesses are constantly searching for a well-qualified candidate that can help take their business to the next level. Why not remove the hours, money, and stress surrounding finding that employee, and discover them in one step with a top-rated company with over 60 years of experience?

At Certified, we’re more than just a full-service staffing company—we’re a time and money-saving solution built specifically to enhance your business and bottom line instantly.