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How to Determine the Right Photography Approach for Your Needs


When it comes to photography there are a plethora of options available to achieve that perfect image. Our team of experts have been in the field and have seen just about every type of photoshoot possible; live event/field shoots, corporate shoots, studio shoots, scrappy shoots and everything in between.

Here, we review a few different photography approaches and explore how to determine the best approach for your needs.

Stock Images

Online stock images are always a great option! If you have a limited budget and need a handful of new images for a website or brochure, stock images are a great resource. It’s easy and can be cost effective. Images online are available in candid, abstract, natural or control environments allowing you the flexibility of many options to select from.

On this route, however, there are a few factors to be mindful of. When using stock images as is, the content can look like generic, basic and possibly not cohesive. It’s highly important to select the right type of image for your brand. Additionally, everyone has access to stock images, just as you, so you the run the risk of using the same images as another company. And lastly, while stock images are great, they may not always be perfect or just what you had in mind. You may need to compromise on the angle you wanted or the exact frame you envisioned as it may simply not exist in the stock options available.

To avoid these obstacles, there is the option of bringing on a Retoucher. A Retoucher can take the image and alter or edit it to your needs. For example, a Retoucher can remove the pole in the background that is bothering you or adjust the colors so all of the images look cohesive. A Retoucher allows you to customize images to your needs without having an actual photoshoot.

Professional Photographer

When bringing on a professional Photographer, you get more than simply a person with a camera: you get years of experience. Generally speaking, this may be a pricier option, but when time is limited or the situation does not allow for redos, a professional Photographer is the right option. If you have a live event or are working with celebrities, you don’t have the option for a redo and can’t afford to miss the important moments.

Consider this scenario: A powerful firm needs new headshots of senior staff and no one has time to visit a studio. As a solution, a single Photographer is sent to each senior staff’s office and given 15 minutes to capture the perfect headshot.* Here, the Photographer has little time to set up lighting, asses the environment and get the subject in place for the photo. The executive may be bothered by the interruption in his or her schedule and may not be focused on the photoshoot. In this scenario, a true Photographer knows just how to coax the right emotion out of a subject while minding the light, camera settings and being pressured for time. If the headshot is not captured during this session, it costs more to rehire a Photographer and take more time out of the staff’s busy schedule. This is why it is crucial to find the right talent for your needs. This Photographer was able to successfully capture the headshots in the limited time provided because his training and background gave him with the foundation required for the job.

A Jack-of-All-Trades Photographer and Content Specialist

There are dozens of interchangeable titles today: content specialist, content creator etc. Essentially this is a one stop shop, Jack-of-All-Trades type of individual. This artist may use a DSLR or possibly a new camera phone to take thousands of pictures. Then they use online tools, such as Adobe Express or Canva, to edit dozens of images and customize each image for a brand.

A Jack-of-All-Trades individual is great for certain scenarios but not for all. For example, having this type of individual show up to the executive photoshoot mentioned above may not be the best scenario. They may lack the professional training required to quickly and effectively capture the headshot desired, costing the company more for a reshoot. Instead, a Content Specialist working with still subjects, such as food items for a new menu or clothing and fashion, will excel! In this environment, the subject does not require personable interaction and there is ample time allowing for redos as needed. The Content Specialist has the flexibility to try different set-ups, use multiple camera settings or even test out new locations. They typically produce new content on a more frequent basis.

As a bonus, most Jack-of-All-Trades or Content Specialists tend to offer more services than simply capturing the image. For example, a Social Media Specialist may plan content calendars, produce the images, edit images and manage several different social channels for a brand. They produce images that are in line with KPI goals and adhere to current trends of their online audience. If a new trend is viral on social, this individual can quickly react and make a new piece specifically for that trend while remaining on brand. They are quick, nimble and very versatile for their client's needs.

Final Thoughts

Each Photographer, Artist, and Specialist has a unique set of skills and training. The key, however, is understanding what type of skills are needed to obtain your perfect photo. Is there a limited budget? Do you need someone who can quickly read the room? How often are new images needed?

There are many considerations that factor into finding the right approach. Our team of expert recruiters understand these intricacies and are here to support you and your needs.

If interested in learning more about any of the above artists or if you want to explore which route is best for your photography goals, Certified Creative Agency has your solution.

*This is a true story shared by a real photographer. Talk to us today to learn more about this talented artist!