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The Importance of Audio: Why You Should Never Underestimate It

Have you ever tuned into a podcast or caught a radio spot where the speaker's voice seemed distorted? Perhaps you've attended an event with poorly configured audio, leaving the audience struggling to hear the speaker. Your awareness of these issues indicates a failure in achieving optimal audio quality. These noticeable hiccups in audio execution tend to pull you out of the experience, diverting attention from the podcast's narrative or the speaker's message.

Audio, often underestimated, holds immense significance in entertainment and content creation. The paradox lies in the fact that when audio is executed seamlessly, it goes unnoticed; only when it falters do people become acutely aware of its impact. While a well-produced commercial rarely prompts thoughts like "That mix was excellent," a poorly executed one might elicit comments like "What went wrong with the sound?"

It is commonly asserted that movies consist of 40% visuals and 60% audio. To test this, try watching a film like Star Wars without its iconic audio effects—it lacks the same resonance. Despite impeccable visuals, the absence of compelling audio diminishes the scene's impact.

When investing time, financial resources, and effort into content creation or event hosting involving audio, ensuring correct audio components is paramount. However, many are uncertain about what "correct" entails, and that's where Certified comes in.

The path to achieving "correct" audio varies depending on the project. For instance, in crafting a radio spot, one might enlist a voice actor at a recording studio, where sound engineers merge voice-over lines with music and other effects. Following meticulous balancing of levels, the project moves to the Finishing phase, preparing it for final distribution. This is a specialized skill set. 

Some may question the necessity of a studio or engineer, but the difference is very noticeable. An example is a local radio ad in the Bay Area that modified its tagline from spoken to sung. Unfortunately, the singer's audio levels were noticeably distorted and poorly balanced with the background music, hindering comprehension. This indicates a lack of proper microphone use or studio setup, potentially compounded by inadequate mixing and finishing. Investing in a radio spot warrants doing it correctly to avoid jeopardizing the audience's understanding—the ultimate goal.

At Certified, we fully understand the creative industry and can help to identify the right talent needed for your projects. If you're unsure about your audio needs, we can help. Alternatively, if you have a specific project in mind, give us a call, and we'll connect you with top-notch experts.